First Grade


Hollie Andrews

Barbara Spivey

Freida Swicord

 Week of February 13
Phonics:  Vowel Digraphs oa and ow
Phonemic Awareness - Isolate Initial Phonemes, Create Words, Change Phonemes
Text Based Comprehension- Facts and Details
Fluency- Expression and Intonation
High Frequency Words: found, mouth, once, took, wild
Spelling Words: boat, road, snow, row, yellow, loaf, coat, soap, blow, pillow
Writing:  Adjectives for Size
Addition with 3 digit numbers

Reading Assessment- Thursday orFriday
Spelling and Dictation- Friday
Math- Depending on the Class
Please go over all daily papers and revisit any missed items/skills.

Please continue to read your AR book nightly!  (20 minutes)
Have a GREAT week!